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  • Namitha Rose Baby  (Co-supervisor, first examiner)
  • Maximilian Fabi  (Supervisor, first examiner)
  • Oguzcan Karagöz (Supervisor, first examiner)
  • Rebecca Winkler (Supervisor, first examiner)


  • Alexa Pietrek (2020) (ALU): Morphometric characterization of longitudinal striae: constraints on their formation and implications for the emplacement mechanism of landslides and layered ejecta crater deposits on Mars. (Supervisor, first examiner)
  • Dr. Frank Sommer (2019) (ALU): Particles in the air. Impacts, volcanoes, traffic and air pollution. (Supervisor, first examiner)
  • Auriol Stephen Prenter Rae (2018) (Imperial College London, UK): The kinematics and Dynamic of Complex Crater Collapse. (External examiner)
  • Tim Krüger (2018) (ALU): Rim formation in complex lunar and terrestrial impact craters: field survey and remote sensing. (Supervisor, first examiner)
  • Jakob Wilk (2017) (ALU): Shatter Cones in hypervelocity impact experiments: structure, formation and comparisonto natural impact craters. (Supervisor, first examiner)
  • Nathanaёl Durr (2017) (ALU/EMI): Mesoscale modeling of dynamic fracture and shock compression in quartzite and sandstone. (Second examiner)
  • Sanna Alwmark (2016) (University of Lund, Sweden): Terrestrail consequences of hypervelocity impact - shock metamorphism, shock barometry, and newly discovered impact structures. (Opponent)
  • Eva-Regine Carl (2016) (ALU): The behavior of silicon and alpha-quartz under non-hydrostatic dynamic conditions. (Supervisor, first examiner)
  • Sebastian Sturm (2016) (ALU): mpact crater formation on terrestrial planets as revealed by field analysis and remote sensing (Supervisor, first examiner)
  • Tobias Hörth (2015) (ALU/EMI): Investigation on meteorite impact based on hypervelocity impact experiments on rock targets. (Supervisor, first examiner)
  • Gerwin Wulf (2014) (ALU): Impact craters on Mars and Earth: the effect of impact angle and target volatiles on crater formation. (Supervisor, first examiner)
  • Elmar Buhl (2013) (ALU): Brittle deformation of porous sandstone in hypervelocity impact experiments. (Supervisor)
  • Michael Poelchau (2010) (Freie Universität Berlin): Subsurface structure of oblique impacts (Supervisor, first examiner)
  • Axel Wittmann (2006) (Humboldt-Universität Berlin):Formation and emplacement of impactites from the drill core Yaxcopoil-1, Chicxulub crater, Mexico. (Supervisor, first examiner)