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Research Group Kenkmann

The research group of Prof. Kenkmann deals with highly dynamical geological processes, which are associated with extensive damages of rock and environment.

The focus is the examination of meteorite craters (impact craters) on Earth and other planetary bodies.

The research team of MEMIN, supported by DFG, and the Ernst-Mach-Institute (Freiburg), together with other cooperating teams are recreating impact craters in the laboratory, in order to quantify the processes proceeding within split seconds.

The damage caused to minerals and rock formations is being analyzed in every aspect, including the atomic structures. Simultaneously the research team is exploring fast deformation within the Earth crust for example landslides and seismogenic fault zones.


Impact crater near Carancas, Peru (2007)                                                                                                   

Sketch from central uplift of Upheaval Dome crater, Utah, USA.